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For why individual psychology is said to be a powerful drug 1/3

For why individual psychology is said to be a powerful drug 1/3

the fact that, I think this time, trying to pretending to know about the individual psychology that has entered.
However, because I was aware of the individual psychology is from looking at the psychology Alfred Adler of the meaning of life of the famous book life to read in the NHK 100 minutes of last fall, the fact that neither has passed half a year, wrote at the beginning I think that it is necessary keep.

Now, individual psychology in question program is a powerful drug, it has been with the. In fact, I've read myself the book, Gatsunto again and again was beaten his head, is the mood.
One of the main points of individual psychology is with "rather than the etiology, trying to adopt a teleological". This is, you if painful, If you to be in a painful state, it is not seek the cause in the past mistakes and trauma, for the purposes of the future, you're to have chosen the painful, painful state , so, if, want to change the status quo, if I think you want to be, it canceled a purpose that is decided, trying to find a new purpose, trying to find a purpose, such as yourself get better. But the past can not be changed, the future'm for you to change, I can change. So, you've got can choose to be happy.

If up to this point, rather than a powerful drug, sugar and candy, is a pleasant story. I do not experience, something self-development seminar, or wanted to direct, and they wonder if not than being told in front of the white board such a thing.

This "not a cause theory, the purpose theory", somehow, very positive, but there is in the mood of good language, about the fact that the unconscious in individual psychology, very severe, thereby, this, is also very idea of teleology It is tough.

"Unconscious, with", "a little, and Bootto, inadvertently", "carelessly, while the do not know", the prefix instead of the usual excuses, people who never used this kind of language would be less . That is, Once not it on purpose, I let him, and though I have to say, individual psychology does not allow it.
Adler Adler psychology itself seems to have referred to as the individual psychology.
The individuals and is the implication that the basic units can not be divided.
In other words, the unconscious is also in one of the individuals that you, like the be conscious, but the idea of the responsibility belongs to you.
Put simply, even that was done in the unconscious, I'm your responsibility, is that. [/individualpsychology.] permanent link