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"Power of Defeat Later Works" Shunsuke Tsurumi

"Power of Defeat Later Works" Shunsuke Tsurumi
I like to read Tsurumi Shunsuke's books. The reason is that I will be fine.
From now on, when I worry about how I should live, I read Shunsuke Tsurumi's book.
Never a solution to the difficult problem is written in his book. But, it makes me feel like I try hard. Then I can think for mysel
f what to do from now.

143 pages Military refusal and Japanese

Japan became militarism during the Second World War. Shunsuke Tsurumi wrote about refusal of military service in Japan.
Militarism, it is the idea that "Whoever does not kill people is killed." Among such countries, those refused military service are not deep philosophy or religion, "I am a human, do people kill people I do not know"

Refusing to kill humans with thought from everyday life that is deeper than religion and philosophy.

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