namiyui on the way to go (逍遥途上にて)

A Japanese man wrote what he thought

The nation is bad, the nation is to do bad things

The nation is bad, the nation is to do bad things, we will think about this idea.
In order for the state to protect the state, it imposes a draft system on the people. Even if the state wins the war, the people will be killed and will also be killed as perpetrators. It is a bad thing to take away the lives of others that the state makes the people a bad thing of war.

In other words, the state is bad, the state does what is bad.

So, what should the people do?
The nations oppose each other and try to do war.
In that case, is not it that individuals have to make war with the individuals of the other country together with the war?

So what is important is that the people can freely express opinions, and connect individuals across countries.
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