namiyui on the way to go (逍遥途上にて)

A Japanese man wrote what he thought

I write a little about what I thought.

I am an old man living in Japan.



なみゆい 逍遥途上にて
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The nation is bad, the nation is to do bad things

The nation is bad, the nation is to do bad things, we will think about this idea.
In order for the state to protect the state, it imposes a draft system on the people. Even if the state wins the war, the people will be killed and will also be killed as perpetrators. It is a bad thing to take away the lives of others that the state makes the people a bad thing of war.

In other words, the state is bad, the state does what is bad.

So, what should the people do?
The nations oppose each other and try to do war.
In that case, is not it that individuals have to make war with the individuals of the other country together with the war?

So what is important is that the people can freely express opinions, and connect individuals across countries.
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Their map and our map are the same maps made 70 years ago.

Their map and our map are the same maps made 70 years ago.
They rely on the map to aim at the place, we glare at the map and try to bypass the place.
It seems like that.

2017.10.22 In the election
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British BBC reports a ballistic missile fire drill of Sakata-shi

British BBC reports a ballistic missile fire drill of Sakata-shi

Many people are murdered if war begins.
I may be murdered, too.

Then you are going to add to armaments for war and will you be going to have a nucleus?
However, the action calls war together. In other words, an arms race grows big because other countries feel uneasy.
In other words, from the moment when nuclear attack was done in 1945, the country was not able to make war, I think so. Therefore what would you do if attacked?
This is only an impracticable theory.
What should the important thing do to prevent the country from making war?

I think that this is a realistic discussion.
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The Japanese government forcefully passed the law of conspiracy sin, it is horrible.

The Japanese government forcefully passed the law of conspiracy sin, it is horrible.
Collusion crime destroys the democratic subject, Absolutely I can not forgive it.
And on television there is no criticism of conspiracy crime. Rather, reports on conspiracy charges are extremely small. There is a criticism that the japanese mass media has come to the government side, it is indeed right.
As a social worker, I think what I should do.
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Japanese Prime Minister Abe and the leaders are crazy

Japanese Prime Minister Abe and the leaders are crazy, I think so. If the boatman of this country gets crazy, where can we take him? I do not know what many politicians think.

Some people interviewed Japanese politicians at the time of the war just after World War II. Politicians do not know why the war came to them. It seems to have said that somehow became.
Politicians had only that consciousness.

Politicians of the times may be the same. I am worried about the future.
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Presentation by daihonei is suspicious

Presentation by daihonei is suspicious At the time of World War II, Japan reported that even if he lost the battle, the Japanese government is winning the people.
This is called an daihonei management announcement. This time, at a meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Abe and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the report in Japanese is completely different from the report of the United Nations in English.
Japanese coverage is not accurate, at the same time, it is deliberately reporting different content.
It's as if at World War II.
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Contemporary Japanese thought that five eddies Iwanami Bookstore

Contemporary Japanese thought that five eddies Iwanami Bookstore
Osamu Kuno
Shunsuke Tsurumi

I read this book which depicts the society at the beginning of the Showa era, saying that I can think of Japan's little future.

I read up to "Japan Communist Party" and "Spelling Movement", almost read the half of this book, What I think is similar between the two moods, the beginning mood of the Showa era and the modern mood.

Of course, each one has many different elements, so it does not change in the same way as it is, but it is foolish for us to do the same mistake

However, if there is a power that wants to make it transition from peace to war, they may be thinking of making the war successful this time.

Adler psychology adopts the theory of purpose, not the result. This is, of course, Adler psychology has its subjects as individuals, but when trying to judge an organization that is an aggregate of individuals by Adler psychology, I think that new things may come to be seen.
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Do not chase North Korea

Now, North Korea is similar to Japan 70 years ago.
Japan 70 years ago has started a big war. Japan pushed the disaster to many people.
Current North Korea is similar to that, but there is one thing that is quite different.
It's an atomic bomb.
70 years ago, the use of atomic bombs changed the quality of war.

The war between the countries makes each other country nonrecurable.

We should keep up with North Korea with a sense of tension, but we should not chase North Korea.
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"Power of Defeat Later Works" Shunsuke Tsurumi

"Power of Defeat Later Works" Shunsuke Tsurumi
I like to read Tsurumi Shunsuke's books. The reason is that I will be fine.
From now on, when I worry about how I should live, I read Shunsuke Tsurumi's book.
Never a solution to the difficult problem is written in his book. But, it makes me feel like I try hard. Then I can think for mysel
f what to do from now.

143 pages Military refusal and Japanese

Japan became militarism during the Second World War. Shunsuke Tsurumi wrote about refusal of military service in Japan.
Militarism, it is the idea that "Whoever does not kill people is killed." Among such countries, those refused military service are not deep philosophy or religion, "I am a human, do people kill people I do not know"

Refusing to kill humans with thought from everyday life that is deeper than religion and philosophy.

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White strawberries

White strawberries. It has been growing strawberry seedlings for a long time, it has become a good feeling. When the seeds are getting dark, it is about time to eat.
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The Prime Minister of Japan is crazy.

Consider the behavior of Prime Minister Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan. As a result, I think he is crazy.
He is trying to make Japan a country of militarism.
I think that there are many people who think so.
I strongly oppose militarism.
In addition, Prime Minister Abe is filling up procedures for making Japan a country of militarism lying.
In other words, Prime Minister Abe can lie with a serious face. It means that what you are thinking and the facial expressions and stories are completely separated, which means that he is crazy.
I think so.
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For why individual psychology is said to be a powerful drug 1/3

For why individual psychology is said to be a powerful drug 1/3

the fact that, I think this time, trying to pretending to know about the individual psychology that has entered.
However, because I was aware of the individual psychology is from looking at the psychology Alfred Adler of the meaning of life of the famous book life to read in the NHK 100 minutes of last fall, the fact that neither has passed half a year, wrote at the beginning I think that it is necessary keep.

Now, individual psychology in question program is a powerful drug, it has been with the. In fact, I've read myself the book, Gatsunto again and again was beaten his head, is the mood.
One of the main points of individual psychology is with "rather than the etiology, trying to adopt a teleological". This is, you if painful, If you to be in a painful state, it is not seek the cause in the past mistakes and trauma, for the purposes of the future, you're to have chosen the painful, painful state , so, if, want to change the status quo, if I think you want to be, it canceled a purpose that is decided, trying to find a new purpose, trying to find a purpose, such as yourself get better. But the past can not be changed, the future'm for you to change, I can change. So, you've got can choose to be happy.

If up to this point, rather than a powerful drug, sugar and candy, is a pleasant story. I do not experience, something self-development seminar, or wanted to direct, and they wonder if not than being told in front of the white board such a thing.

This "not a cause theory, the purpose theory", somehow, very positive, but there is in the mood of good language, about the fact that the unconscious in individual psychology, very severe, thereby, this, is also very idea of teleology It is tough.

"Unconscious, with", "a little, and Bootto, inadvertently", "carelessly, while the do not know", the prefix instead of the usual excuses, people who never used this kind of language would be less . That is, Once not it on purpose, I let him, and though I have to say, individual psychology does not allow it.
Adler Adler psychology itself seems to have referred to as the individual psychology.
The individuals and is the implication that the basic units can not be divided.
In other words, the unconscious is also in one of the individuals that you, like the be conscious, but the idea of the responsibility belongs to you.
Put simply, even that was done in the unconscious, I'm your responsibility, is that. [/individualpsychology.] permanent link